May 26, 2020

Depilation with Lazer Alexandria

Depiling with Laser Alexandria makes your dream come true!

The Alexandrite GentleLASE Candela laser is the fastest and most effective laser for permanent depilation and number1 use worldwide.

It should be emphasized here that Lazer Alexandria is the only Laser device for fda-certified depilation.

Imagine how good you would feel about yourself and how easy the daily life would be without the presence of annoying hair!
In fact, Lazer Alexandrite offers constant, long-term and permanent reduction of hairs, leaving behind traditional methods of depilation such as razor, wax, etc. This depilation mode is applied to both females and males and all areas of the body and face are depiled by removing hairs without pain and for sure. Lazer Alexandrite’s function for the destruction of hairs is based on the absorption of his energy from the melanin of the hairs in their follicles (melanin is responsible for the color of hairs) and this makes it maximum resultant to thick and dark hairs. To determine the number of sessions that may be needed for a definitive result, it must be taken into account that the presence of hairvaries between areas of the skin surface, also and between people, and it is affected by the hormonal state of each organism even if it is inherited even in the case of the presence of any pathology. This reason makes it difficult to decide exactly at first the number of sessions that may be needed to achieve the desired result, but the average number we can rely on is between 5 and 10 sessions.

Summing up, we can say that the treatment with Laser Alexandria is:

– Practically painless and unnecessary use of anesthetic medications because the apparatus contains the dynamic cooling system of the skin (Dynamic Cooling Device).

– Fast because the treatment session for most people lasts only a few minutes.

– Without recovery time, so immediately after treatment we can return to our daily activities.

– Results in all skin types, also in different types of hair.

– Absolutely suitable for all skin surfaces including delicate ones such as face, throat and bikini area.

Laser depilation when it should be done?

Laser depilation is usually performed for aesthetic reasons, but often also for health reasons.
One such example is when from classical methods of depilation (wax, razor…) infection is created in hair follicles (pseudotilakit) and in these cases depilation with Laser Alexandria is the best solution.
Also in cases where capillary problems are worsening, with irritation of sensitive skins or with the creation of spots from hairs growing inside the skin after wax ingestion then depilation with Laser Alexandria is the only solution.

We have problems with Hirsutisem and dense displays of Alexandrite laser hair depilation is the only way that guarantees permanent results.
Other medical reasons in which laser alexandrite depilation is needed are dermatitis that appear after simple ways of depilation. When there are historical cases in infectious diseases (such as condiloma, etc.) it is the only way to depilate without having the risk of multiplication, the deterioration of these pathologies.
Persons who have historical history with kerbs (skirts) must undergo depilation at Lazer Alexandria on the grounds that this pathology is caused by the return and growth of hairs inside the skin in the back area after other methods of depilation.
Laser devices are now increasingly used in medical and aesthetic interventions and their use by specialized personnel is effective and risk-free.
Then, depilation with Laser Alexandrite must be done when desired or considered necessary to end permanently annoying hairs.

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