July 1, 2023

Deep facial cleansing

Clearing the face is an honor to the most important aesthetic treatments because it is essential for the maintenance of the skin’s shrendour, normal performance of the functions of its cells as well as its brightness. It is a treatment through which the specialised person, following specific and perkatprocedures in the type and needs of the skin, aims to remove fat, papastorts and dead cells from the skin.

The clearing of the skin is carried out with the help of finger nails to unlock and remove black spots, white dots and fats, thus offering a leprosy and clean skin. During treatment, the protocol that will be followed with equipment and skin products for the case of the skin that is treated based on its type, the needs it may have, its sensitivity and how problematic the situation is in which it is located.

This treatment can be combined with other treatments such as Microdermoabrassion, Aha, Hydration, etc. To best address the needs of the skin in any case and thus achieve maximum results. Also, the length of treatment is based on the perfect reasons, although on average it may take 2 hours. The persecution of such cleansing is also determined in dependant on the characteristics of the skin and its needs.
Then, for a normal skin it can be enough to persecute twice a year,
For a mix ingress three times a year,
For a skin with fats 4 or 5 times a year, but it can always change according to its condition which during the year is influenced by both external and internal factors.
In cases where the skin suffers from dermatological problems such as different types of acne, the role of clearing the skin is catalytic and the perservation of intensive sessions.

It’s a treatment that can be applied to both women and males at all ages.
The results of the treatment are easily visible and the person can return immediately to his daily life.

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