July 1, 2023


Microdermoabrassion is the simplest and most ideal treatment for a clean, soft and regenerated skin, if applied with the purpose of cleaning the face to maintain it. Also, Microdermoabrassion helps regenerate the upper layers of the skin through a controlled intensive layering method of it. This occurs in cases where the purpose of treatments is to improve the appearance of scars, signs, wrinkles, etc. offering a brighter skin, freed from all those concerns.Through this treatment we arrive:

– Cleaning the skin of the face, decolite and back.

– Layering and leaving dead epidermis cells.

– Shine and improve skin surface.

– Softening wrinkles and small lines of expression.

– Improvement of signs and scars created by acne.

– Improvement of scissors created by previous interventions or accidents.

– Regeneration and tonication of the skin through stimulation of the production of new kolagen.

– Improved skin appearance with early ageing and that exposed over years to solar radiation.

– Better circulation of lymph and as a result of reduced swelling in the face.

The areas in which Microdermoabrassion is mostly applied is the face, throat, decolte, back and everywhere in the body we need regeneration and improvement of the skin’s surface.
The advantage of this treatment means that it can be associated with some other treatments such as: deep skin cleansing, Pelings, Mesotherapy, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid and facelift.
Immediately after the first session, the skin improvement is noticed with a more glossy look, with a lot of lighting and definitely softer.
If applied for facial cleansing reasons, it is recommended to repeat 3–4 times a year. In case Microdermoabrassion is applied to improving signs, acne scars, wrinkles and skin tone, a cycle of 7-8 sessions is needed once every 10-14 days.

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