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Doctors General Clinic is a private medical structure in Albania as an Albanian-Greek collaboration.

Doctors General Clinic Albania was founded by a group of Greek doctors, who invested in Albania to create a model clinic, focused on bringing innovations to the health service for the Albanian population.
We are a branch of the hospital with the same name, Doctors General Clinic, in Athens, Greece, and recently you can find us in new branches in Albania:
· Doctors General Clinic 1- Central branch
· Doctors General Clinic Kamza
· Doctors General Clinic Kika 2
· Doctors General Clinic SARANDA
We are a multidisciplinary medical center and we focus on expanding every day and fulfilling every need of our patients, reaching them wherever they are.
Our teams combine medical, surgical and support functions to improve patient care and experience.
We are a multidisciplinary medical center and our focus is to fulfill every need of our patients every day, to expand by reaching them wherever they are.
One of our strengths is the development of MEDICAL TOURISM in recent years.

Why Doctor's Hospital

Because we are ready to offer you medical service at the highest standards and maximum comfort from the moment you arrive in Albania, until you leave Albania.
Our doctors and surgeons have studied and been certified in European universities and have brought many innovations to Albania, a full spectrum of treatment and prevention services. Our nurses and support staff are dedicated to the well-being of patients.
We have taken care to make available to our patients, specialists with dozens of years of proven experience, current competence and aesthetic taste, who with humanity, seriousness and professionalism, guarantee optimal results for any surgical intervention and aesthetic medical treatment

Our mission

At DOCTORS GENERAL CLINIC, we aim to be a reliable and responsible health center that responds to the ever-growing demands of the population, to provide professional, accessible, high-quality and comprehensive health care medical services.
We aim not only at the improvement of symptoms and diseases, but at the complete physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

Our Vision

To offer the best for our patients, high quality and continuous health service, contemporary and with professional culture and ethics. We have a vision to develop as an integrated health network serving the patients of the area and more widely in Albania.

Find Us

Rruga Pjetër Bogdani 1001, Tiranë, Albania

Our Services

Take charge of your health today and discover the comprehensive range of services we offer at our 20 Years General Clinic. From preventive care to specialized treatments, our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide you towards optimal wellness. Click the button below to explore our full suite of services and schedule an appointment. Your well-being starts here!