The Doctor’s Hospital Polyclinic in Albania proudly introduces the Laser Alexandrite Candela GentleMax Pro – ND YAG, the latest addition to our laser technology lineup. This cutting-edge laser system offers a range of exceptional treatments that are exclusively available at our facility.

  • Fat and Acne Balancing Therapy:

Our laser’s Nd Yag capability effectively combats acne in both its surface and vulgaris forms. It enhances the quality of acne-prone and oily skin, reducing inflammation and normalizing seboregulatory levels. With its versatile programs, this device can cater to various skin types. The therapy, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, is virtually painless due to the application of an anesthetic cream beforehand. Visible results are typically observed gradually following the laser treatment. We recommend six sessions spaced 15 days apart for optimal outcomes.

  • Therapy for Skin Withdrawal and Regeneration:

Skin rejuvenation is the key to achieving a youthful and radiant appearance. Our regenerative skin therapy harnesses the laser’s ability to penetrate deeply, delivering high-intensity light rays and stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. This process tightens the skin, providing noticeable lifting and a radiant glow. This therapy is suitable for the face, neck, décolleté, or any area where rejuvenation is desired. Sessions are advised once a month to maintain the desired results.

  • Vein Treatment:

Toenail fungus, a dermatological issue that affects both men and women, can be successfully treated with our Nd Yag laser. The recommended treatment protocol involves 3 to 4 sessions, with each session scheduled every 15 days.

  • Permanent Hair Reduction:

Our laser system offers the latest advancements in hair removal, providing long-lasting results. By utilizing this laser technology, we can achieve remarkable outcomes, including reduced hair thickness and permanent hair reduction. Experience smooth, hair-free skin with the state-of-the-art Laser Alexandrite Candela GentleMax Pro – ND YAG.

At the Doctor’s Hospital Polyclinic, we are committed to delivering exceptional care and utilizing the most advanced technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.