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Doctor's General Clinic is always near you!

  • Our mission is to provide high-quality health services, modern technology and qualified scientific staff at affordable prices.
  • In addition to surgical interventions, Doctor's General Clinic offers aesthetic services with specialized staff and modern equipment. 

Work schedule


Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday 08:00 – 18:00
Sunday Rest

Medical Services

With combined experience over 100 years, the Doctor's General Clinic team of doctors enables the best possible treatment for our patients, with highly advanced equipment and technology available in the field of medicine.

Check ups
Periodic physician control is a group of laboratory tests that are carried out for disease identification and prevention.

7/24 Emergencies
Our team is ready for you at all times throughout the year.

Professional doctors
Doctor's Hospital doctors are among the most experts in Europe in their respective fields. They hold a range of certifications of European standards. 

Consulting visit
Our qualified medical staff visit you and consult you on any need with dedication and professionalism.

Our clinic
In the environments of our clinic you will find the latest medical equipment, full purity and dedicated service. 

Patient care
Our host staff takes care to provide the best possible service for every patient. You can ask them about everything you need.

Our doctors

Highly skilled doctor assigned and certified by the most famous medical research universities around the globe, experienced in the most intricated casethey are here to help our patients.

Gabriel Stratis

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Ilta Bylykbashi

Obsteter-Gynecologist - Ultragrapher

Sotiris Gavriil

Surgeon General


Contact us through the ways below and our staff will professionally take care of you, your relatives and friends.

Client Feedback

"I had three days of back work to the point that I couldn't walk. We went here and all of the staff were so kind, caring and genuine. The practice is so modern and clean, better than I've been on Aus. I saw a doctor first who informed me I had a herniated disk. She was so kind and knew straight away
I was then referred to the osteo, spoke English well either. It was a long wait but no different to home. Great service, borough and brilliant English again. For 30 euro I saw the osteo, got two steroid injections and walked away with peace of mind. If you are an international traveller and need a doctor, I high ly reward."

Kat Pollard

"First, I wanted to pay you for your hard work! I've shared a hard experience, but it's also successful!
My health problem is kind of rare, it was Dr. Stratis and all the doctor's hospital staff who made a great intervention. And I've saved from pain too and the aesthetic side!
I'd like to show that even after the intervention I was in dr. Stratis's misfortune. And I keep being your patient because the service at the clinic is fantastic! Clinic conditions are also of a high standard!

I thank you forever, i also wish you all the best!"


"I was given excellent treating and informed every step of what was going to happen and after anger all member of staff treated me really well considering the surgery I had done with dignity - care. I'm very impressed with whole procedure from start to finish"

Moisés Salinas

"The staff of the Doctor's Hospital Polyclinic were taken care of by my family before and after surgical entrances to the clinic.

Thank you for your professional work."

Anila Tito