Dr. Anna Katsi is an otorinolaryngologist surgeon with a special field of activity in the Pediatric ORL, performing the entire range of surgical interventions and is part of the Doctor’ General Clinic Polyclinic. He trained for otorinolaryngology at the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sofia” and then at the Athens General Hospital of Thorax Diseases “Sotiria”. 

He has carried out further training in the Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery departments of the Athens General Hospital “G. Gennimatas”. 

After receiving the title of specialization in otorinolaryngology, she became a scientific associate of the ORL clinic of the Department of Audiology and the Koklear Implantation Unit and then worked as supervisor of the above departments at the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sofia”. 


During the service period, she gained an extremely great experience in a series of surgical interventions of the otorinolaryngology spectrum, which concern acute and chronic ORL diseases, mainly with the object of otosurgery. 

She also actively participated as a guard doctor in one of the most active and busiest emergency departments in Greece, embezzling the clinical and surgical skills needed to treat and manage the ORL-pediatric problems of the particular group of small patients. 

At the same time, he participated in teaching ORL doctors who wanted to gain experience in the treatment of ORL-pediatric diseases, pediatricians, students of the University of Athens School of Medicine and Nursing. 

She served as Supervisor of the Department of Audiology and the Koklear Implantation Unit of the Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital. An example department, as recognized by the medical community for reasons of detailed research of hearing loss and its holistic treatment. He actively participated in diagnosing and treating children with hearing impairment, in the operations of The Koklear Liberation, gaining sufficient experience for the subjective and objective assessment of hearing of the unborn, infants and older children. 

He also performed the adaptations of hearing aids in children and the regulation of the functioning of kokleare implant speech processors in operated children. 

She participated in international and Greek scientific conferences in which she was also a speaker, while presenting works published in international and Greek scientific journals. 

He has attended a considerable number of seminars and training courses in and out of Greece at the theoretical and practical level, in a wide range of Otorinolaryngology subjects, in an effort to continuously evolve. 

Doctoral theme: ASSR’s contribution to the study of the ototoxicity of cytostatic drugs in childhood age. 

In our clinic, which is equipped with special devices, high-level services are offered, which include diagnostic tests, but also therapeutic interventions, in a suitable environment so as to feel calm like large patients and also young people. 


Audiological examination of the born and the children 

Diagnosis – hearing loss test – hearing screening of the born 

  • Timcanometers 
  • Measurement of hearing reflexes 
  • Transient otoacoustic emissions (TEOAEs) 
  • Automated auditory potentials of the brain trunk (aABR) 
  • Tonal audiometers 

Scientific interest  

  • Endoscopy of the airways of children, babies, newborns with a flexible paediatric endoscope;
  • Laryngeal diseases surgically treated with microlaryngoscopy – Laryngomalacia 
  • Study of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome 
  • Nasal endoscopy – Nazofaringu 
  • Chronic Tonsilitis – PFAPA Syndrome 
  • Adenotomy – Tonsilectomy 
  • Otomicroscope – Otosurgery 
  • Otitis media – Miringotomi – Installation of ventilation tubes (tubes) 
  • Miringoplastics-Timmanoplastics 
  • Removal of supernumerary auricles
  • Removal of preuricular tristulas  
  • Lamp ear correction 
  • Cutting the tongue brake 
  • Removing foreign bodies on the nose-ear 
  • Care for tracheostomy 
  • Removal of neck cysts (cyst of the tiroglosal canal, cyst of the brankial apparatus, etc.)
  • Neck lymphaden 
  • Lymphonodoula biopsy 


ORL surgeon Anna Katsi performs all surgical interventions at hospitals: 

  • MITERA Children’s Hospital
  • IASO Children’s Hospital   
  • Children’s EUROCLINIC and Athens EUROCLINIC 
  • MEDITERRANEO Hospital 



  • Agrinio Medical Association 
  • Athens Medical Association 
  • Larissa Medical Association 
  • International Associatio of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology 
  • Panhellenic Society of Pediatric Otorinolaryngology