Gabriel Stratis

Plastic surgeon

He was born on 02/04/60 in Polihnito, Lesvos. He finished the second six-class high school in Mitilin in 1977, with a score of 19.2. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Patra on the “Very Good” graduating in 1983.

He was treated on a scholarship in the sixth years of university, after giving the exams, from the “Vostani” lot.

The military, the rural clinic, the event as an independent of Sig.Sher., until April 1988.

General Surgery speciality at the first Hospital of Sig. Husband.IKA, for two years and vascular surgery for one year in the same hospital.

Collaboration with plastic surgeons in private medicine for the rest of the year until April 1992.

Speciality in Plastic Surgery at the similar KAT Clinic until May 1996. Training in microsurgery at the University of Ioannina and kat microsurgery laboratory.

Warnings (28) at plastic surgery and microsurgery congresses on personal occasions.

Eight publications in scientific journals. Dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine for Subcutaneous Breast Removal in March 1995.

Graduate of the European Board of Plastic Surgery in November 1996, after a written and mouth exam in Hanover, Germany.
Since September 1996 partner “medical centre of Athens”. In March 1999 Partner “EUROCLINIC ATHENS”.

From June 2000 to June 2000 in charge of Aesthetic clinical and microsurgical restructuring “CENTRAL CLINIC OF ATHENS” until November 2003 and then in “ATHENS MEDICAL CLINICAL PSYCHICO”.

Holder of the patent diploma for medical assistance network for correction of gluteals and breast.

Plastic surgeon responsible for aesthetic rehabilitation of obese patients at obese medical centers.

Since July 2007, the director of the plastic surgery Departament at the Doctor’s Hospital clinic.