Dr Ioannis Koutras


Dr. Ioannis Koutras, Obsteter-Gynecologist / Specialist for Fetal Medicine, with his 20-year experience has already joined the staff of doctors at the Doctors’ Hospital Albania Polyclinic.
Dr. Koutras specializes in prenatal medical embryonic diagnosis (prenatal diagnosis) with postgraduate studies in clinical genetics.
The doctor well known for his successes will serve Albanian patients by providing specialized medical expertise for all gynaecological and obstetric pathologies.
Everything about the woman’s health and for your offspring to be born healthy by preceding any health problem, we have brought the best doctor, Dr. Ioannis Koutras.
Dr Ioannis Koutras worked in the best hospitals in Europe.
At the Doctor’s Hospital Albania Clinic:
• Consulting on high-risk pregnancies;
• Genetic Ultrasound Level B (Morphological);
• Transparency Cervikal ultrasound;
• Pregnancy-Doppler ultrasound;
• Obstretikal ultrasound;
– Biophysical profile (Doppler-NTS);
• Amniocentesis;
• Fetal reduction;
• Genetic consulting;
• Trofoblasti takeover;
• Embryo blood intake, etc.