Dr. Mario Cobaj

Pathologist, Technical Director / Cordinator

Mario Cobaj, born in Vlore in 1983 after finishing high school in the hometown of Halim Xhelo, began the sudations at the Tirana Faculty of Medicine.
I completed my graduate studies at the Medical University of Tirana, Master of Sciences in General Medicine, also an amember of the order of doctors of Kumanovo in the regional council of Tirana.
A good acquaintance of some foreign languages such as English, Italian, Greek and German.
I have performed leadership positions in some pharmaceutical syllables, as medical representative of medical and medical equipment products, their regional manager and their national manager.
Since 2016 it has been part of the Doctors’ Hospital Albania polyclinic where I have the position of technical director of the polyclinic, assistant to the largest share of polyclinic physicians, pathologist, medical consultant of all services offered by doctors, surgeons and polyclinics in the world.
Scientific translator, first aid assistant in the room in most of the services offered by polyclinic professionals such as: general surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, gastrohepathology (endoscopy).
Coordinating the polyclinic’s relations with all the partner structures in which the interventions are performed.
My goal is to preserve high standards in the exercise of professions in the field of medicine and the protection of patients.
Doctors Hospital Albania is a curious attempt by a team of doctors to create a standard character of an anthropocentric polyclinic where the center has its man and needs. The purpose of this clinical is to offer services with high health care, modern technology and qualified scientific staff with incurable cymmes.